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Tiny Core Linux - New OS


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Download Free Tiny Core Linux - New OS Has Just 10 MB In Size

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Tiny Core Linux - New OS Has Just 10 MB In Size

Maybe the smallest desktop-based Linux distribution, which requires only 10 MB free space on an USB drive, CD or an internal hard disk drive, Tiny Core Linux could give you a new experience and maximum Internet speed with a customizable X desktop and by running entirely in RAM. The Tiny Core Linux distribution is powered by Linux 2.6 kernel, Busybox, Tiny X, Fltk and Jwm. It shows fast booting speed and the latest version (Tiny Core Linux 1.2) comes with many improvements and bug fixes.

Even a complete desktop is not included with Tiny Core Linux, its functionality can be extended with applications existing on a repository in an automatic manner. Supplementary hardware support can be added too.

Tiny Core Linux applications allows users to run them entirely in RAM or mounted or installed on a persistent storage device.

From the available applications, ready to be installed with a few mouse clicks, we can mention Opera browser, Kompozer, Inkscape, Mplayer and others, which will permit you to run multimedia files, read email, connect to other devices through a BlueTooth and practically successfully execute any desired task.

File Size:9.85 MB


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